Sennheiser CX 300 PINK – pink headphones for pink people

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senn_cx_300_pink.jpgThey also come in black, white and silver, if you’re not comfortable with the pink thing or don’t own anything in a matching shade.

Sennheiser reckons the CX 300s are very efficient headphones which will help prolong battery life on portable players. Not being scientists or energy efficiency experts, we have to go along with that claim.

If you are a scientist, you might like to know the CX 300s have a response of (18Hz – 21kHz), which does indeed sound like you’re getting quite a lot of Hertz for your money (£39.99).

They’re also supposed to be comfortable – at least, comfortable if you can tolerate headphones that you stuff all the way into your head so the tip is touching your brain – thanks to coming with three sizes of silicone ear plug things.

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