BlackBerry users save 60 minutes every day says survey


There I was thinking that the BlackBerry extended the working day by creating an addiction to check your emails almost every minute of the day. But apparently, that’s not so – they save you 60 minutes every day according a new survey, albeit one commissioned by BlackBerry.

That means you can take an extra lunch hour – or just leave an hour early. Boss permitting. The survey results also found that the average BlackBerry user gets through 2,500 time sensitive emails and over 1,200 phone calls in a year while they’re on the move – a total of 250 hours per year in recovered time. The equivalent of a 10-day holiday.

Want some ideas on how to spend your 60 minutes? BlackBerry has even offered those too – read on.

1. Treat yourself to a traditional shave from the Duke of Edinburgh’s barber Truefitt & Hill’s
2. Master the game of darts at your work local
3. Enter the dragon and become a Bruce Lee martial arts expert
4. Spring clean your MP3 player and create a selection of playlists: gym, beach, tube, Saturday night
5. Start actually writing that book you’ve been talking about for years
6. Alphabetise your DVD collection…or even better, sort them by genre and director
7. Impress your friends – and the ladies – by learning the guitar
8. Take your dad for a mid-week pub lunch and turn your phone off
9. Get fitted for a bespoke suite on Saville Row
10.Spend your lunch hour buying something naughty for your partner from Agent Provocateur

The study was conducted with 1,335 BlackBerry smartphone users in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

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One thought on “BlackBerry users save 60 minutes every day says survey

  • I wanted to let you know about something, in case you think it’s something your users might be interested in.

    One of the things Blackberry users have always hated is having to reregister their 3rd party software when changing devices. I wrote a program for myself to greatly speed up the process, and thought other users might be interested.

    I call it EZ Reregister. You can store and edit your application names, registration codes, and vendor emails. When you change devices, no more sifting through emails and piles of paper to reregister, just click one button, and you can generate emails to all or selected vendors requesting reregistration with your new PIN.

    If you’d like to take a look, it’s on the Software page at It’s been in open public beta since January 28th. If there is sufficient interest, I’ll make it available shortly after the beta ends on March 6th.

    Thanks for your time.

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