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I don’t tend to do much running (unless I’m being chased), but a lot of people do – just check out the numbers for this weekend’s London Marathon for proof. If you like a bit of music with your exercise, Sennheiser has launched a new "Sport" range of headphones.

The headphones look good and fit securely and as they’re for sporty types, they’re safe from the elements, sweat and extreme temperatures. The stereo earphones MX 70 Sport and MX 70 VC Sport are ideal for joggers. The faces of the earpieces are magnetic, so they can clip around the neck. There’s also an extension cable, so the player to be worn at different heights, with a clip to fix the cable to the clothing. The MX 70 VC Sport also has a volume control integrated into the cable.

The MX 75 Sport earphones feature a "twist-to-fit" system for optimum fit, with earpieces in three sizes for a perfect ear fit. The PMX 70 Sport neckband headphones feature a vertical transducer system ensuring they sit extremely comfortably, and the single-sided cable attachment and practical cable clip allow freedom of movement during sports.

The most unusual model is the LX 70 Sport, with the headband replaced by a thin, flexible plastic tube with a metal core. This lightweight model has a single-sided cable attachment and comes complete with ear adapters, a cable clip and a case into which the flexi-headphones elegantly slide after use.

All models will be available soon – prices not yet available.

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