Palm Centro $100 smartphone not that exciting after all

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There’ve been internetweb rumours about the Palm Centro smartphone for a while now, but yesterday it was officially unveiled in the US. It’s a compact-looking handset with a full QWERTY keyboard, and is aimed at regular folk rather than business users.

The big thing is the price: $99.99 in the US, where operator Sprint has bagged a three-month exclusive on the handset. Besides that keyboard, the phone runs the Palm OS, and has a touchscreen, Bluetooth and support for push email and instant messaging. The camera’s only 1.3-megapixels though, which is disappointing for a consumer-focused smartphone.

It also remains to be seen how that price will translate to Europe, given that Sprint is selling the device on a two-year contract. It’s an interesting attempt to make a messaging smartphone that appeals beyond people in suits, but is hardly the whiz-bang device Palm fans were hoping for.

Palm Centro website

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