Apple's iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store goes live for iPhone


itunes-wi-fi-store.jpgOver in the US, iPhone owners are feeling gleeful today, after the release of iPhone firmware 1.1.1. Well, apart from the people who’ve unlocked their iPhones, who are probably feeling a bit anxious for good reasons.

But anyway, the reason for celebration is that 1.1.1 includes Apple’s iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store application, allowing iPhone users to purchase and download songs over the air. Appleblog TUAW has been trying it out, and is impressed:

“This is a very nice piece of software: Speedy, simple and similar enough to the ‘full’ version of the iTunes Store that there’s no learning curve at all,” they write. Here’s hoping that the Wi-Fi Store is preloaded when the iPhone goes on sale here on 9th November.

(via TUAW)

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