Palm announce new Treo 500v with Windows Mobile 6

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palm%20treo%20front.JPG A new Treo! A new Treo! Not only that, but Susi from our sister-site Shiny Shiny will be getting her hands on it later today, and knowing her awesome video prowess, will no doubt have a video to show of it tomorrow too.

The Treo 500v has packed 3G/UMTS mobile internet plus that lovely, if clunky, Windows Mobile 6 OS into the handset, as well as the usual full qwerty keyboard, large screen and video streaming capabilities. I’m already imagining catching something trashy like Trisha on one during my lunch-break.

As you’d expect, it also contains push email, IM, SMS, calendar functions and Bluetooth, but adds a nice 2.0-megapixel camera and 150MB of internal memory. Not the largest amount of course, so the microSD slot will help matters there. Available in ‘glacier white’ and ‘charcoal grey’, it’ll be out on Vodafone UK next month.

Palm Treo (via Shiny Shiny)

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