Facebooking employees could be costing companies £130m a day

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facebook_logo.jpgThe rise in popularity of social networking sites, with Facebook being the scapegoat, could be costing British business at least £130m each day in lost productivity due to employees surfing these sites during the working day.

That’s according to a study from the Peninsula employment law firm, who surveyed 3,500 UK companies.

Their conclusion, which is hardly surprising, is that companies need to take a firm line on the use of such web sites.

While some companies allow limited use of sites such as Facebook, Bebo, and MySpace, believing it to be a motivational tool for staff, others have banned the site. Mike Huss, the director of employment law at Peninsula, believes a blanket ban is simpler to police.

“Why should employers allow their workers to waste two hours a day on Facebook when they are being paid to do a job?” he questioned, continuing, “If a company can police the system, and only allow limited access during lunch breaks then that is fine. However I think it would be easier and less expensive to ban access altogether.”

(Via BBC)

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