Is Sony creating a new AIBO compatible with the PS3?

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aibo67.jpg Many have prophesised the return of the mighty AIBO – but few have dared to imagine the full potential which Sony maketh. Y’know, the usual exploding batteries, huge expense, slight George Foreman grill appearance…their usual deal, in other words!

The lovely Kotakuite, Brian Ashcraft, just published an interview with Masaya Matsuura, who’s not only a game designer, but also a huge Sonypal. According to Matsuura, consumers may be seeing a slightly AIBO-esque robot in the near future – “the engineers behind the Aibo are doing the PS3. We are talking about making something like the new Aibo.” Obviously a huge driving force behind Sony’s market portfolio is the PS3, so it was only natural for Ashcraft to ask Matsuura about connectivity between the two devices, to which he replied “I don’t know. Connection is not hard. I’m sure some engineer could do that.”

I must say, the possibility of an AIBO-esque robotic pet connected to the PS3 could just about convince me to splash the cash on a PS3. Just.

AIBO (via Kotaku)

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  • I think we will truly see how the PS3 connect most Sony devices. It will end up being the hub for your internet, tv, music, film as well as other fun devices like this.

    Or you can buy a Wii and play tennis. In your lounge.

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