Robot dogs just as good as the real things in reducing the emptiness and loneliness of modern life

robot-dogs-just-as-good-as-real-ones.jpgResearchers at Saint Louis University gave one group of old people in nursing homes a proper biological dog made out of bones and meat, then tried a robotic AIBO out to see how the old folks reacted to the two.

They were both, incredibly, received very similarly, with the oldie subjects bonding pretty much equally with the robotic and real doggies…

Sony AIBO-like robot, the New4LR, is open-source and speccy

Yet another robot for you, this time in the shape of a wee lil puppy. Watch women all around you swoon at the sight of it. Coochie-coochie-coo! Coochie-coochie-coo!

As your robot-savvy eyes can tell, it’s slightly Sony Aibo-like in its appearance, but has a lot more to it than what meets the eye. The German University working on the robot has developed open-source software for the product, ‘New4LR’, powered by two AMD Geode 500Mhz processors…

Is Sony creating a new AIBO compatible with the PS3?

aibo67.jpg Many have prophesised the return of the mighty Aibo – but few have dared to imagine the full potential which Sony maketh. Y’know, the usual exploding batteries, huge expense, their usual deal.

The lovely Kotakuite, Brian Ashcraft, published an interview with Masaya Matsuura, not only a game designer, but also huge Sonypal. According to Matsuura, consumers may be seeing a slightly AIBO-esque robot…

Is Pleo the robotic dinosaur the new Sony Aibo?

When I first heard about Pleo in January’s issue of Wired magazine, I got all excited thinking about the possibilities of owning a robotic dinosaur. We’ve seen many robotic animals such as the Furby, Robosapien and Sony’s Aibo, but this Pleo sounded like a whole different kettle of fish.

Dreams become reality, and only a few months after the interview with Chung was published in Wired, it’s now been placed on every geeks favourite boutique, ThinkGeek. Pleo the dinosaur doesn’t just look the part, he moves and react autonomously with both humans and his surroundings, in a ‘lifelike, organic movement’…