Students hack Sony AIBO, use Wii-motes to control the obsolete toy

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Wii hacks? What is this, January 2007?! And the Sony AIBO is involved too? It’s enough to make one’s head hurt, like it’s 8.27am Sunday all over again.

The Wiibot, as some University of Calgary students have dubbed it, is a research project based on human device interaction. It’s basically an awesome hack (you know, for students – at least it doesn’t involve a traffic cone) using Wii-motes to control the AIBO. In the video, they pit the Wii-mote hack against using standard keypad input controls. Which form of controlling the AIBO will win? Take a look above, if only for evidence that students don’t spend every waking minute in a hung-over stupor.

(via Engadget)

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