Heavenly Sword PS3 game gets great review on, er, Sony's own PS3 blog


swordy.jpgThere’s been a big hoo-ha about the transparency of commercial blogs, in terms of readers knowing when someone’s getting paid to blog, who they’re getting paid by, and how it’s affecting what they write. And Threespeech was long ago outed as a PS3 blog paid for by Sony, rather than an independent site.

So I can’t really get worked up by news that – gasp – Threespeech has given PS3 game Heavenly Sword a stonking review. “Amazing to behold” and “pleasingly original”, apparently. It’s hardly a scandal, now that everyone knows who’s footing the bill for the blog. I guess using the term ‘review’ is worth a raised eyebrow.

The game’s not out until September, so we’ll soon see what independent journalists make of the game, anyway.

(via PSPSPS)

Stuart Dredge
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