Patent reveals Microsoft's amazing plans for Zune playlist sharing

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redzune_300dpi.jpgDespite shifting more than a million units of its first-generation Zune player, Microsoft is constantly fending off accusations that the device has been a flop. However, with Zune 2.0 on the horizon, some genuinely groundbreaking new features might help it turn the corner.

Check this patent out. It was filed by Microsoft last year, and describes two features that could make Zune a contender. First: a system to analyse your music listening habits, and push new stuff down to your Zune (with permission, obviously).

But second, there’s playlist sharing, where you create a playlist that your friends can subscribe to, meaning that whenever you update it with new songs, they get them too. It’d all work using the Zune’s Wi-Fi connection, although the business model is anyone’s guess (another patent may hold clues).

As someone who’s banged on about the potential for wireless music sharing before, I think this is genuinely innovative stuff. Here’s hoping it makes it into Zune 2.0.

Microsoft Zune sharing patent (via Ars Technica)

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