FIQL TV: Turn your iTunes playlists into streaming YouTube video channels

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As you’ll know if you’ve ever wasted half a day watching Shakira’s small and humble mountains greatest hits, YouTube is full of music videos. Some Web 2.0 firms have noticed this, and are launching services that make use of it.

The latest is FIQL TV, which lets you upload your playlists from iTunes, Windows Media Player and other music apps, and then turns them into streaming video channels by hunting for your songs on YouTube (if it can’t find anything for a song, it ignores it in the playlist). You can also create them on the site from scratch by typing in song titles and band names.

You can then share these channels with friends or the wider FIQL community, or embed them in blogs. I just made a Britpop playlist (above), which took about three minutes.

FIQL TV website (via Listening Post)

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