YouTube's unpopular ads blocked by new Firefox extension


youtube2.jpgYouTube’s recent experimentation with video obliteration advertising has not been well received by the community, but fortunately a resourceful Firefox hacker, Chris Finke, has come up with a way of restoring that lost 20 percent with his TubeStop extension.

In fact, it’s all rather simple (yes I know I didn’t write it, but it sounds simple). As YouTube don’t (yet) put adverts on the embeddable player, TubeStop just replaces the player on YouTube’s own site with the embeddable one, and voila!

It’s worth noting that this new advertising scheme is a limited test run, anyway, so things could well change. Perhaps Google will have a change of heart and realise that stomping over people’s videos isn’t great for the viewing masses, particularly as there’s plenty more space around the video for advertising – much of which Firefox can also block.

TubeStop also stops YouTube ads

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