Top 5 new Kersal Massive mash-ups on YouTube

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We’re big fans of the Kersal Massive here at Tech Digest. Big fans. To the extent that we waste entire days rapping about getting on the bus with our daysav-ahs in homage.

You might remember that a few months ago, I posted the original Kersal Massive YouTube vidclip, as well as the nine best parodies. Well, inventive YouTubers have been making more in the months since. Here’s the five best ones.

1. Kersal Massive v Star Wars. “Got on the bus with my lightsab-ah…” Doubly good, because they change the lyrics, act them out, AND squeeze in a mention of robot-man love. Click below to watch, then check out the next four over the jump.

2. DJ The Blade Kersal Massive Breakcore remix. DJ plays a marvellous remix of the Massive, while leaping about with a megaphone. Genius. Now can someone tell me what breakcore is?

3. Kersal Massive Helium to F***. Kersal Massive done after inhaling from helium balloons. Juvenile, but funny. Not least because they sound worryingly like Bruce Forsyth throughout.

4. Kersal Massive v Axel F. 80s remix. Eddie Murphy would undoubtedly approve, even if it doesn’t quite fit.

5. The Jamie Theakston Alliance v The Kersal Massive. Genuinely strange mash-up that runs the original Kersal lyrics through computer voice software, while working in Harold Bishop, David Jason and Paul Daniels. Freaky.

Stuart Dredge
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