The iPhone has crashed! The iPhone has crashed!


iphonecrashed.jpg As you probably gathered via the header, the iPhone has crashed! The iPhone has crashed! My, it’s a good day for Microsoft fans (admittedly there’s only two of us on this site, the rest worship at the temple of Jobs, but we’ll brainwash ’em one day soon, promise).

Well, maybe. The site which first published the photo of the burnt-out iPhone claims it was on display in an Apple store, but since publication dozens of people have jumped on their fanboy-boxes and claim it hasn’t crashed, it’s merely ‘somehow managed to boot into a single user mode’. Operative word being ‘somehow’.

Regardless of whether the iPhone iCrashed or not, the actual photo was taken using another iPhone. Erm…impressive photos it not maketh.

Crashed iPhone (via Spluch)

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One thought on “The iPhone has crashed! The iPhone has crashed!

  • ummm Duhhhhhhh, that is why you neva buy first generation of anything, let the rich waste their money, (gosh) i thought you guys were ahead of americanz, everyone ova here knows that, and ta anyone who bought that first gen paper wieght IPhones hand em ta your boy, thats $75 street value…….

    ~ hack the world! plus their momma’s house!!

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