Has someone got their iPhone working on Vodafone UK?


iphone-voda-hack.jpgThat’s what The Unofficial Apple Weblog is claiming, although the method is complicated to say the least, involving popping the AT&T SIM card out of your iPhone and into an XDA smartphone, getting staff at a Vodafone shop to register that handset, then putting the SIM back into the iPhone. Voila: A non AT&T iPhone capable of making calls.

Or is it? There appears to be a right old hoo-ha kicking off about the claim online, with many iPhone fans (and some self-proclaimed experts) saying this method wouldn’t work, even if Vodafone stores were happy to do it.

The updated TUAW story explains it well: “SIM numbers are network specific and Vodafone should not have been able to use an AT&T SIM. Specific questions that remain are: How and why vodaphone accepted the AT&T SIM and “reprogrammed” it and how the network accepted a different CCID”. Watch this space…

(via TUAW)

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