Create your own iPhone ringtones… if you have time on your hands


iphone-ringtone-hack.jpgSome intrepid hackers have figured out how to put your own custom ringtones on the iPhone – it’s famously one of the missing features from Apple’s handset, despite being one of the more obvious things you’d want in a music phone.

However, you’ll need to be prepared to download some applications, fiddle with your iPhone’s system software, and carry out a 23-STEP process to get that ringtone of your baby chuckling onto the handset.

Oh, and there’s a risk it could mess the device up enough to require it being sent back to Apple. Still, while we wait for Apple to see sense and make the process easier, it’s good to see coders delving into the iPhone’s innards to find a workaround.

iPhone ringtone installation instructions

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One thought on “Create your own iPhone ringtones… if you have time on your hands

  • This is rubbish, you can do it by just converting the sound clip you want (max 40 seconds of it) to MP4, and save it with the extension of .m4r then just double click it, iTunes will recognize it and then you can put it on your device………..

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