Is the BBC really porting its iPlayer to iPhone?


iphone-iplayer-bbc.jpgThat’s what Engadget Mobile is reporting, based on a promotional video for iPlayer that appears to show the BBC’s catch-up TV service working on an iPhone.

So far, iPlayer has only been confirmed to work on Windows XP PCs, although Vista and Mac versions are on the way. So is an iPhone version on the cards already? There could be two explanations for the video.

First, the BBC could indeed be working on putting iPlayer on the iPhone – either as a standalone application like YouTube has done, or as a web-based service accessible through the Safari browser. Or second, mocking up iPlayer running on 2007’s most high-profile handset could just have been a way of confirming that mobile is on the Beeb’s roadmap more generally.

(via Engadget Mobile)

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