New autobot boat/car is a Humdinga


humdinga.jpgIf you’ve currently got that Spanish language bootleg copy of the new Transformers movie lined up for download on Bittorrent, you might be interested in this – a HUMMER that’s been modified to tear up water.

The Humdinga is able to reach 40mph on water, thanks to its 350bhp engine that, when using its wheels on the ground, can take the American tank up to over 100mph.

“The wheels retract, the power train switches from the wheels to a jet propulsion system and the vehicle is in amphibious mode” says maker Gibbs Technology, clearly hoping robot fever wins it a bit of positive PR.

The Humdinga is currently a one-off prototype, though, which is probably for the best as even the insurance on a 1.8 Golf is a bit much to swallow these days.

Gibbs Technologies Humdinga

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Gary Cutlack
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