Has someone got their iPhone working on Vodafone UK?

iphone-voda-hack.jpgThat’s what The Unofficial Apple Weblog is claiming, although the method is complicated to say the least, involving popping the AT&T SIM card out of your iPhone and into an XDA smartphone, getting staff at a Vodafone shop to register that handset, then putting the SIM back into the iPhone. Voila: A non AT&T iPhone capable of making calls.

Why is Amazon UK listing the iPhone?


Here’s a poser: if the iPhone is only going to be sold through Apple Stores and its operator partners’ outlets, why would Amazon UK have a listing for the 4GB iPhone? You can sign up to get an email alert when “this item becomes available”, although puzzlingly, the date listed when “first available at Amazon.co.uk” is 1st December 2006.