Sainsbury's in CRISIS – web site down, shopping undelivered, thousands at risk of starvation

Sainsburys’ web site has broken. The shopping portal is currently redirecting to a “Service Unavailable” message, accompanied by a nice stock photograph of two lemons (pictured). The site went down on Tuesday night, with the problem ruining the dinner plans of the chain’s online shoppers.

Around 10,000 people who have booked deliveries have been left without their shopping, facing the terrifying prospect of having to carry orange plastic bags home themselves for once. Here’s the moment of shame captured for posterity:


So if you’ve booked an online delivery, not only will they have mysteriously run out of all the two-for-one offers…

The iPhone has crashed! The iPhone has crashed!

iphonecrashed.jpg As you probably gathered via the header, the iPhone has crashed! The iPhone has crashed! My, it’s a good day for Microsoft fans (admittedly there’s only two of us on this site, the rest worship at the temple of Jobs, but we’ll brainwash ’em one day soon, promise).

Well, maybe. The site which first published the photo of the burnt-out iPhone claims it was on display in an Apple store…