Offensive word taken out of Mario Party 8, Wii game re-released August 3rd


Your poor, frazzled, politically correct soul can rest easy tonight, as WiiWii has reported that Nintendo just removed that naughty word from Mario Party 8, and it’ll be re-available from August 3rd, something which will no doubt please Martha Stewart, who turns 66 that day. As we know she’s such a fan of the Wii, after all.

Yes, as we learnt recently, ‘spastic’ is not an acceptable term in the UK. Supposedly in the US it’s A-OK, but it’s likewise A-OK to drive on the wrong side of the road there too. Etc etc etc. I keeed, I keeeeed, we love you Yanks, really!

Nintendo has however put a slight disclaimer on their latest actions, claiming “we cannot 100 per cent guarantee that every copy of the initial batch was returned to us and as such there may still be a small number of copies of the game in circulation”. As WiiWii pointed out – better eBay your offensive copy ASAP, there’s some stiff money to be made here!

Mario Party 8 re-released, via WiiWii

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