The Top 10 YouTube versions of the Kersal Massive rap

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Whaddya mean you’ve never heard of the Kersal Massive? Originally uploaded to YouTube in March last year, it’s two young blokes (and their mate Ginger Joe) rapping about their life – and for the couplet “Got on the bus wiv me day-savAH, smoked da reefer in da cornAH” alone, it dumps on everything The Streets have ever done. Ever.

It’s also inspired a host of parodies, from versions by Roland Rat and the Muppets, to bootleg mash-ups with Slayer and The Cure. Let’s start with the original in all its glory, then click below it to check out the other nine versions worth watching. Oh, it’s got swearing in it. Just so you know, like.

1. The Original Kersal Massive

2. Kersal Muppet Massive

3. Kersal Massive vs The Cure

4. Gerbil Massive

5. Kersal Massive vs Kraftwerk

6. Kersal Massive vs Persil Massive – The 90º Heavy Soil Rewash

7. Kersal Massive Glove Puppet

8. Kersal Massive Chav Rap Video

9. Kersal Massive vs Dr Dre

10. Kersal Massive vs Slayer

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