Creation Station – become a YouTube celebrity


Want to appear on YouTube miming to the latest pop hit? Well, Creation Station is just for you.

According to the promotional blurb, it makes “the average You Tube video look amateurish”. That’s probably because the average video is amateurish – and that’s why it appeals. But if you are aiming higher, Creation Station lets you make and appear in your own movies or music videos by selecting your favourite music, scenery and characters before filming yourself with the provided video camera and the green background. Then, after a spot of editing, just press the ‘YouTube’ button and you’re (in)famous.

I’m probably being a bit harsh and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s great fun. But looking at that image of the toy shark, I’m not wholly convinced of its professional aspirations. Yours for £99.99 from August.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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One thought on “Creation Station – become a YouTube celebrity

  • the creation station is a rubbish product and noone should buy it. go on amazon uk and search ‘creation station’ check the comments… seriosly…

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