CNN taking presidential debates to YouTube


cnn-debate.jpgThe new CNN Debates channel is up on YouTube right now, letting you (if you’re American or bothered) put questions to the current US presidential candidates in video format.

The first online debate is happening tonight, although the deadline for submitting questions was yesterday – so if you had a burning question about US fiscal policy or something really serious to say about Iraq, you’ve just missed out.

Clearly designed so the people in charge can get all excited about involving the “youth”, it’s a good idea – but if “the kids” don’t bother watching presidential debates on TV, what are the chances of them waiting for a low-res video clip to buffer?

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One thought on “CNN taking presidential debates to YouTube

  • I am not sure if this is the right place. I am trying to find out who to go to to suggest a couple of questions I would like to have asked at both parties debates. These are the questions:
    A. What does Freedom mean to each of you?
    B. What does freedom of choice mean to each of you?
    3. Do you believe that anyone in this country has the right to force their brand of politics or religious views upon another in a free country?
    4. What in your opinion does separation of church and state mean to each of you?
    5. Do each of you consider taking away anyone’s right to choose how they live to be unconstitutional and a refersal of our “Bill of Rights”?

    To me these questions go to the heart of what this nation is all about and I for one being a Vietnam veteran would like to know what their responses are for all who have given their all for this country’s principals and freedoms.

    Thank You,

    Roy Munroe

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