ZuneFest: Zune 2 press release leaks online, get set for Zune Social community

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Those pesky internet users, you can’t trust them to respect an embargo meant for journalists. Someone on the Zunerama forums has posted details from Microsoft’s Zune announcement, which goes out officially later tonight.

To be honest though, it doesn’t give anything away that hasn’t been strongly rumoured in recent days: a new 80GB hard drive Zune, two Flash-based models at 4GB and 8GB, and wireless sharing in all of ’em, as well as the ability to play TV shows recorded using Microsoft’s Vista Media Center.

The more interesting part of the announcement is Zune Social, a new beta online community. It’s not new though: sites have already reported Microsoft’s patent in this area, allowing Zune users to share and subscribe to playlists.

Oh, and it looks like the Zune Marketplace will be selling DRM-free MP3s too. About time! Now, bring on the official announcement…

(via Zunerama)

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