The Jellyfish 45 Habitat fantasy future underwater love hotel


jellyfish-45-habitat.jpgNot entirely sure how to describe this oddity for the purposes of Google search rankings.

The Jellyfish 45 Habitat is… part submarine and part boat, it’s an open plan living space, it’s a sort of underwater palace for a James Bond villain, it’s a floating luxury mansion for rich people who like boats… it’s quite a lot of things. And it’s $2.5 million.

Designed to float along under its own power, designer Giancarlo Zema’s creation can comfortably house up to six (non-claustrophobic) people and contains five levels linked by a fancy spiral staircase. The top bit sticks out of the water, while the bottom bit is your observation zone, should you want to get a good look at raw sewerage and rusty cans.

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