Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 inch big brother confirmed

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Following Samsung’s IFA statement that a raft of different sized Android tablets were waiting in the wings, the company have now confirmed that a 10-inch variant on the Galaxy Tab is on its way.

The news follows Samsung’s announcement that they would also be looking into building smaller devices that bridge the gap between mobile and tablet tech.

You do have to wander why they’d bother with the larger size though. The Galaxy Tab sets itself apart from the iPad not only in its use of the Android operating system, but also through its pocketable 7 inch size. Pushing it up to 10 inches puts it in direct competition with the iPad, which is selling more than healthily.

However, the larger Samsung Tablet is expected to be running the 3.0 Gingerbread build of the Android operating system. Which is a relief, considering Google have admitted that the 2.2 Froyo build already sitting in the smaller Tab isn’t suitable for tablet consumption.

Still, with the 7 inch model retailing at around the £650 mark and the larger one undoubtedly set to cost a few quid more, Samsung may have already priced many potential customers out of the market.

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