Sharp's 108-inch LCD TV finally launched


sharp_108-inch_lcd_tv_worlds_largest.jpgAt CES last year (2007), Sharp unveiled its 108-inch LCD TV. As far as I’m aware, despite it being nearly two years since the show, it’s still the largest LCD TV in production (yes, there are larger plasmas) — and now it’s been launched.

This monster comes with eco-friendly features, according to reports, though I bet it burns a helluva lot more fossil fuels up per hour than your piddly little flat-panel TV.

Featuring a 1,200:1 contrast ratio, 400cd/m2 brightness, 176 degree viewing angle (just in case there’s any room either side of the room it’s installed in), three HDMI ports, and 1080p (naturally).

Pricing? Not mentioned, but it’s a fairly safe bet that you can’t afford it, which is just as well as there’s nowhere for you to put it, either.

(Via Business 24-7)

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