Runco to launch 95-inch CineWall HD projection display


runco_cw-95hd_in_wall_front_projection.jpgRunco, probably not a name that’s hugely familiar to the mainstream consumer in the UK, has announced that it has produced the world’s first 95-inch widescreen in-wall front-projection display.

Given that it’s based on projection technology, we’re not talking super-thin “mount on your wall” LCD or plasma here. This is beefy “mount in your wall” technology, and while Runco thinks that a 33 inch depth requirement is but a “tight space”, I’m a little concerned that I’d be halfway into my neighbour’s front room if I tried to install this in my house.

So, not for the modest-sized terraced home, I feel.

Having said that, the CW-95HD is pretty compact for what it is. Offering a DLP SuperOnyx light engine, it overcomes the problems of ambient light far better than a separate projector throwing an image from the other side of the room.

Runco’s Constant Contrast technology analyses each frame, providing superior black levels even in high-contrast content. There’s also Positive Pressure Cooling which reduces the need for noisy fans. The system can be ISF calibrated, there’s WideVision aspect ratio conversion technology, and CSMS contrast and brightness. The lens uses O-Path enhancement to provide sharper video. Its 2.35:1 aspect ratio, often used in cinemas, allows more faithful reproduction of movies.

Connectivity is good, with HDMI, DVI, component, and composite inputs.

Available from November with a price tag of around $49,995, plus the cost of custom installation (unless you fancy knocking this baby into one of your walls yourself). There’s only one distributor in the UK — Pulse Marketing in Hertfordshire — so if you’ve a mattress full of cash, head over there.

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