Maplin offers up seven inch portable LCD TV

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Maplin has announced its latest portable gadget, ideal if you don’t want to miss telly while on the go.

The set can receive both analogue and digital channels, committing 1,250 of them to memory (should you be able to find that many channels) for quick recall.

It runs off a 7.4V rechargeable battery, offering two hours of use per charge, and can be juiced up via the car adapter. It has internal, full-range speakers, and can be used with camcorders, DVD and VCR players, as well being used as a receiver for a larger TV. There’s even a remote control unit, though with a seven-inch screen, I can’t imagine you’ll ever be that far away from the unit.

It’s even on special offer at the moment, retailing for £99.99 instead of the usual £149.99.

Product page

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