Runco to launch 95-inch CineWall HD projection display


Runco, probably not a name that’s hugely familiar to the mainstream consumer in the UK, has announced that it has produced the world’s first 95-inch widescreen in-wall front-projection display.

Given that it’s based on projection technology, we’re not talking super-thin “mount on your wall” LCD or plasma here. This is beefy “mount in your wall” technology, and while Runco thinks that a 33 inch depth requirement is but a “tight space”, I’m a little concerned that I’d be halfway into my neighbour’s front room if I tried to install this in my house.

So, not for the modest-sized terraced home, I feel…

Tancher Transformer concept phone – impressively flexible


The interesting looking device to the left is Transformer, a multi-functional concept phone designed by Shkinder Maxim, third-place finisher in the 2008 TANCHER design awards.

Apart from standard voice and photo capabilities, the Transformer can be physically configured to perform a number of functions, including holographic and video projection, 3-D object scanning, and it’ll even double as a lie detector.

Maplin intros virtual laser keyboard, type on any flat surface


Maplin has announced the availability of its Bluetooth Laser Key Projection Keyboard, a gadget that will project a keyboard onto any flat, non-reflective surface and allow you to type. It works by optically tracking finger movements, and incorporates both keyboard and mouse functions.

Maplin claims that it’s comfortable to use, and reduces the wrist strain associated with using a standard keyboard. The keys are also projected larger, which is supposed to assist faster, more accurate typing.