Tancher Transformer concept phone – impressively flexible

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trnfsmrs_mob.jpgThe interesting looking device to the left is Transformer, a multi-functional concept phone designed by Shkinder Maxim, third-place finisher in the 2008 TANCHER design awards.

Apart from standard voice and photo capabilities, the Transformer can be physically configured to perform a number of functions, including holographic and video projection, 3-D object scanning, and it’ll even double as a lie detector.

Three parts of the phone move individually around an axis, with two independent screens allowing multiple functions to be used at once.

Most interesting is the 3-D scanning concept, where an object can be passed through the mobile, scanned, and projected holographically. A voice analyser will be able to determine whether the caller is telling porkies or not based on vocal stress patterns; and Shkinder has thought up a concept dubbed ‘present emotions’, where the Transformer will read brain activity and (somehow) record how you are feeling at the time.

TANCHER Transformer (via Gearfuse)

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Richard Gilzene
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