Be first with a Superman action figure – at a price


As the new film hits the big screen, everyone’s going Superman crazy. Not least the merchandisers. If the Superman iPod case wasn’t enough for you, the folk over at Bayraider have found something a little more exclusive on eBay – a limited edition Superman action figure.

The figures, which carry an uncanny likeness to the latest man in the red pants, Brandon Routh, are 12 inches in size and come with an additional pair of hands. I’m sure I’m missing something there. If you want one ahead of the official launch, you can pick one up for a starting bid of $250. Sounds a lot – but they are limited to 800, so you could make the money back if you wait a few years, then take it along to Flog It.

Want to know more? Find out about this and the current best – and worst – of eBay by popping along to Bayraider.

Dave Walker
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