YouTube hits 100 million video downloads daily


Spend a large part of your day downloading videos from YouTube? You’re not alone – the internet video site has said its users are now downloading more than 100 million videos per day, easily dominating the video download market.

Last month 2.5 billion videos were watched on YouTube by 20 million visitors. It’s now the leading net video download site in the US, with 29% of the country’s multimedia market, according to traffic monitor Hitwise. YouTube claims its videos account for 60% of all videos watched online in the US. MySpace, the social networking site, has close to a 19% share of the market, while Yahoo, Microsoft’s MSN, Google and AOL each have 3 to 5% of the video search market.

That all might sound like great news for YouTube – but that’s not yet converted into income generation. Videos are downloaded free from the site, with the company still working on advertising opportunities and other means of generating revenue to support and maintain the business.

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Via the BBC

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