Oregon Scientific's EB612 portable UVI monitor


The sun’s out and the urge is to go and worship it for as long as possible – or at least until the rain returns. That’s probably much longer than is safe – but you’ll know for sure with the Oregon Scientific EB612 portable UVI monitor.

This handheld device features a UV sensor lens which measures the strength of the sun and combined with your skin type, calculates the suggested exposure time. Once the exposure time is set this is counted down and shown on the LCD display.  The EB612 also displays the sun’s strength as a sun dial providing a quick reference, plus the temperature in Celsius.

The EB612 is also fairly unobtrusive. Measuring just 8.5cm by 4.5 cm, it can be attached to your wrist or bag by using the attached strap. And it’s pretty durable and splash proof – so ideal for the beach!

You can pick up the EB612 portable UVI monitor now for around £20.

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Dave Walker
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