Oakley and Motorola launch O-ROKR shades

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First came the Oakley/Motorola RAZRWIRE, which let you answer your phone via your sunglasses, and today the O-ROKR is announced, which will stream music straight to your shades. This marks Oakley and Motorola’s second collaboration, with design lessons seeming to have been learned from the previous partnership.

Using Bluetooth technology, music can be streamed from any enabled MP3 player or phone to the sunglasses, which are fitted with two adjustable in-ear speakers. The frames also feature discreet buttons for controlling the music so you don’t have to go delving into your bag too often. 

Oakley’s part of the offering includes the Mission Impossible-style design, as well as lenses that have withstood been hit with a 500g metal spike. Reassuring.

O-ROKRs will be available in the shops from Saturday 15th July, for £199. Expect a review here soon.

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