Pioneer DEH-P75BT Bluetooth car stereo system

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With the expected introduction (in the UK) of points on your licence for driving with a phone in your hand, it might be worth considering an alternative if you need to stay in contact on the road – like the Pioneer DEH-P75BT Bluetooth car stereo.

The Pioneer DEH-P75BT combines a Bluetooth headset and fully-featured stereo system for handsfree calling through your car’s music system. It supports both hands-free and audio profiles from your mobile phone, with voice playback of the caller through stereo and front speakers – there is, of course, auto-muting when a call comes through. Your complete address book can also be transferred into the stereo’s internal memory.

Music-wise, there’s CD/MP3/WMA playback, MP3 streaming from a Bluetooth phone to the stereo, fully-featured radio playback, an MOSFET 50W x 4 amplifier, 5-mode preset equaliser, a motorised detachable front panel and a remote control. And for iPod owners, an adaptor gives you access to your entire song collection on the move.

You can pick up the Pioneer DEH-P75BT now, priced around £275.

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One thought on “Pioneer DEH-P75BT Bluetooth car stereo system

  • I have this unit installed in my truck and the bluetooth implementation by Pioneer is only 50% in my opinion. Calls are received okay and that feature works very well, but the hands free profile for voice activated calling does not work. I have tried this with three different models of cell phones and none of them work. The voice activations prompts do not broadcast back through the stereo so confirmation prompts are lost and the phones give up trying. This is the same implementation (i.e., bluetooth hands free profile) that the Bluetooth wireless headsets use and I have also tried three different models of headsets with these phones and they all work flawlessly. Of course I got no help from Pioneer simply stating it was my phone (so typical). In my opinion save the 150.00 you are paying Pioneer for the sub-standard implementation of Bluetooth and simply buy a good 50.00 bluetooth wireless headset for the same functionality or if I had to do it all over again look for different mfg. that has correctly implemented the bluetooth standard in their car stereo system.

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