Ecoelectricals selling green Auto Switch-Off extension socket


eco-plugs.jpgPlugs. We don’t write about them much, yet you all use them. Lots of them. And you’re KILLING THE PLANET in the process. Well, you are if you leave gadgets charging or switched on when there’s no need to.

Green gadgets website Ecoelectricals reckons its new Auto Switch Off Energy Saving Extension Lead is the answer. It’s got one ‘Master’ socket and six ‘Slave’ sockets, and when you flick off the switch for the Master socket, all the Slaves are turned off too.

For example, if your PC’s plugged into the Master, and your monitor / modem / Wi-Fi router and speakers are plugged into the Slaves, one switch turns ’em all off. Or you could just buy a normal extension lead and unplug it from the wall, of course. Anyway, this one costs £16.99.

Auto Switch Off Energy Saving Extension Lead

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