Londoners: Donate your old IT equipment to help others and stay green

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recycling-logo.gifNext weekend, 21-22 April, is encouraging London residents to donate their unwanted computer equipment and other technology, helping children, cash-strapped organisations, and being green – all at once.

In recognition of this year’s International Earth Day, Londoners can drop off their old PCs, mobile phones, monitors, printers, digital cameras, and scanners at Maxitech’s premises – 5 Clarendon Road, Haringey,
North London N22 – between 10am and 6pm on Saturday or Sunday.

The IT equipment will be professionally refurbished, with some being given to the NCH (National Children’s Home), some being resold at low cost to UK-based organisations unable to afford brand-new computers, and those items which cannot be reused being recycled by a specialised recycling plant.

Proceeds from reselling the IT equipment will go towards’s Edge Employer IT hardware training programme, which helps disadvantaged people
gain nationally recognized qualifications leading to jobs in IT.

The scheme is being supported by HP, and Dr Kirstie McIntyre, who heads up IT recycling and reuse programmes for HP in the UK, said, ““Refurbishing computer equipment and making IT accessible to the wider community is one of the most effective ways of reducing the impact of IT waste on the environment. It’’s something HP has been doing for many years, so we’’re really proud to be supporting in this initiative and hope that this will be the first of a series of events in the UK.””

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