Rolling Stone wants its own MySpace, while Joost signs CBS deal

Web 2.0

rollingstone.JPGBig developments in the online world this week, as Big Media figures out how it fits into the Web 2.0 ecosystem. Rolling Stone magazine is apparently planning to launch its own social network, to beat MySpace at its own game. It’s not clear how successful it’d be though, considering MySpace already has a strong focus on music, along with whippersnapper startups like MOG and MyStrands.

Meanwhile, new online TV service Joost has bagged another big deal, this time to show news, entertainment and sports shows from CBS. However, CBS is also distributing the content to other sites, including AOL, Bebo and Sling Media.

One company that’s not enjoying its Web TV experience is Budweiser, whose Bud.TV site saw visitors drop by 40% last month. Becoming The New YouTube isn’t as easy as it might seem.

(via Techscape)

Stuart Dredge
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