UPDATE: Last.fm founders quit


Martin Stiksel, Felix Miller and Richard Jones, the three men who founded last.fm in East London in 2003, have today left the company.

Last.fm has been owned by American media conglomerate CBS since May 2007 after they bought it for £140million, netting the trio around £19million each at the time.

Rumours are bound to circulate that their departure has got something to do with the US blog TechCrunch’s recent posts, claiming that CBS had possibly handed over last.fm customer data to the RIAA without the site’s agreement.

It might also be worth noting that it is almost exactly two years since the trio agreed the deal with CBS. It might therefore be possible that there was a two year handover period in place. Details of the departure should be coming clearer in the coming days.

What is clear is that Stiksel, Miller and Jones’ idea has played a major role in the dramatically altered landscape of music distribution. With streaming music become more poplar and more commercially viable with services like Spotify, it is fair to conclude that these three developers will be remembered as pioneers of digital music.

Plus, they’ve all got millions of quid in the bank, so it’s not all doom and gloom.

(via Music Ally)

Here I come to sue the day: Apple in trouble over Mighty Mouse


Well, here’s a turn up for the books – someone else is suing Apple and thus the shoe moves from one foot to the other. I doubt it’s the first time but with a history of threats against all manner of smaller developers and even the city of New York, it’s rather pleasing to see that Jobs Inc. are in the shtook even if it’s only a small amount.

The legal issue in question comes over the Apple Mighty Mouse…

2007 Tech Trends No. 1: Telly 2.0


First in a series of posts highlighting Tech Digest’s pick of big technology trends for the second half of 2007…

Let’s get one thing clear first. Online TV ISN’T about watching TV on your PC. Well, it is at the moment, because most of the people doing it are geeks like you and me. But in the long term, online TV is about delivering TV through your broadband connection to a proper TV in your living room, bedroom or wherever.

Apple's iPhone adverts debuted last night on CBS, see them here!

I promise this’ll be the last mention of Apple on this here blog – to think, I call myself a worshipper at the temple of Gates! However I couldn’t not show you the three ads for iPhone which debuted yesterday during CBS’s 60 Minutes in the US, which Andy mentioned earlier. This first one is titled ‘Never Been An iPod’, with the second and third below the jump. Enjoy…you’ve only got 25 days left of jonesing. But remember folks – don’t go buying it at an Apple store now, you hear us? Rather, hear Mr. Jobs?…

Will ad-funded TV streams kill off the video download market?

stu-mugshot2.jpgStuart Dredge writes…

There’s no shortage of big firms trying to sell us video downloads, including Apple and Microsoft. In theory, they should be pushing at an open door. Faster broadband connections are more widespread, devices like Apple TV make it easy to watch these downloads on our proper TVs, and more people have video iPods or PMPs to watch these vids on the go, too.