Dell's goal: to become the greenest technology company on the planet


dell-logo.gifDell has today launched a long-term, global effort to become the greenest technology company on Earth. It has set an ambitious Zero Carbon Initiative whereby it aims to maximise the energy efficiency of Dell products, and over time offset their carbon impact.

The company has also committed to reduce the carbon intensity of its global operations by 15% by 2012, as well as extending its “Plant a Tree for Me” programme into Europe. For £1 per notebook or £3 per desktop PC, customers can offset the emissions associated with the electricity their computer uses.

Dell will also continue offering its consumers worldwide free recycling for used Dell equipment, as well as recycling of other branded equipment when new Dell hardware is purchased.

In the latest rankings from Greenpeace, Dell came joint third, with Sony Ericsson, so while they’re not doing too badly, there’s some work to do.

Dell will also be asking customers for their ideas on how to build the greenest PC on the planet. This is set up on the Ideastorm web site.

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