The Next Big Thing in Tech: Transforming Everyday Tasks with Innovative Apps

Technology plays a pivotal role in shaping our daily lives, offering solutions that streamline tasks, enhance productivity, and connect us in ways previously unimaginable. The advent of innovative apps has particularly revolutionized how we approach everyday activities, from managing our homes to staying fit, and even how we work and learn. This transformation is not…

World’s ‘dirtiest’ websites: biggest carbon footprint revealed

A new report by energy comparison site Uswitch has analysed the carbon footprint of the world’s most popular websites to highlight the environmental impact of our digital lives. From sending emails and streaming content, to internet shopping and posting content on social media, everything we do online uses electricity. In turn, this produces carbon which negatively affects…

Nokia developing Home Control Centre technology


Betting that within a few years every appliance we own will be hooked up to the internet, Nokia has announced plans for something called Home Control Centre. It’s basically software that will let you control everything in your home from your mobile device, from the heating to the toaster.

I know, we’ve all been there – gone out with some toast in the toaster, and forgotten that you actually wanted it on browning level three, rather than browning level five.

More seriously, though, this also has energy saving implications. You’ll be able to monitor energy usage from your mobile, and switch off anything that you don’t need remotely. Plus there’s a big convenience factor – preheat your oven 15 minutes before you arrive home, so you can just stick dinner straight in.

The only definite that Nokia has announced is some carbon footprint monitoring technology, from European energy firm RWE. That will use Wi-Fi enabled thermostats on each radiator. Nokia are promising to show this off in December at its annual Nokia World Conference. I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard a fair bit more about the broader too then, too.

(via Reg Hardware)

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easyJet go green

They may be known for their garish orange but Stelios seems to fancy a colour change – his budget airline has unveiled a new fuel efficient plane, The Ecojet.

It’s not just a normal flyer with better fuel efficiency, this has two open rotor jet engines at the back of the airplane, which, according to the firm, improve the overall performance of the plane. The wings are swept forward to reduce drag and the body is made with lightweight carbon fibre to reduce the overall weight…

Dell's goal: to become the greenest technology company on the planet

dell-logo.gifDell has today launched a long-term, global effort to become the greenest technology company on Earth. It has set an ambitious Zero Carbon Initiative whereby it aims to maximise the energy efficiency of Dell products, and over time offset their carbon impact.

The company has also committed to reduce the carbon intensity of its global operations by 15% by 2012, as well as extending its “Plant a Tree for Me” programme into Europe. For £1 per notebook or £3 per desktop PC, customers can offset the emissions associated with the electricity their computer uses.