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Don’t get too excited – you can’t buy one of these just yet, so you’ll have to carry on guessing how much impact heating up tonight’s Spicy Chicken McCain Micro-Pizza is having on the environment.

The Carbon Hero is, in fact, one of the winning entries from the 2007 BSI Sustainability Design Awards. Created by Industrial Design Engineering student Andreas Zachariah, the personal carbon calculator works to calculate your carbon footprint by analysing your transportation methods. It monitors your motion and speed, working out how you’re travelling and how quickly you’re killing the world by selfishly travelling to work each day.

The data is whacked onto PC or mobile, and tells you how many carbon credits you need to buy to stay green. Very handy – unless you happen to believe that global warming is a massive conspiracy designed by the ruling illuminati to keep the existing population and developing countries in their place, that is…

Carbon Hero designer Andreas says “In an age where consumers are making purchasing decisions based on their environmental impact there’s no reason why they shouldn’t make the same choice about transport, be it public or private, on a daily basis. Online methods for calculating personal carbon footprints fall down on the fact that they rely on the use to estimate usage. Carbon Hero uses sophisticated sensors to pinpoint usage thus giving a much more accurate assessment of the user’s impact on the environment”.

Although he won’t be so worried about carbon footprints when he sells this design to BP for six million dollars and buys a personal jet and fleet of Ferraris.

Personal Carbon Calculator – Winner

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