BSkyB claims to be carbon neutral?

Satellite TV

BSkyB is perhaps the last company I’d expect to receive a press release from claiming to be environmentally friendly. But that’s exactly what’s just happened. The satellite network (which is indirectly responsible for launching not particularly environmentally-friendly, fuel-guzzling rockets into space) reckons it has achieved CarbonNeutral status "through the measurement, reduction and offsetting of its Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions."

Working with The Carbon Neutral Company, Sky’s carbon footprint has been calculated by measuring the CO2 equivalent emissions from its premises, company owned vehicles, business travel and waste to landfill. It claims to have lowered its site-related operational emissions by 47 per cent in the last 18 months and has also negotiated discounts for staff wanting to buy low emission hybrid cars.

But here at Tech Digest towers we’re still yet to be totally convinced by Sky’s green credentials. After all, as Sky admits, set top boxes account for 0.5 per cent of energy use and 1.5 per cent of home electricity use. For more green stories check out sister blog, HippyShopper.

For more information on the initiative go to Join The Bigger Picture.

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