Wi-Fi usage on the rise


Results from a study by market research company GfK has
found that Wi-Fi usage is on the rise, with home users forming the majority of
customers. Apparently some 380,000 wireless routers were sold in the first
quarter of this year alone and that figure is expected to rise steadily. Those
airwaves might be getting pretty crowded soon.

Sales will probably be helped along by the arrival of
draft-n standard wireless networking and the ever increasing number of VoIP
making better use of the hotspots. Yesterday we reported that Buffalo has joined the
ranks of Draft-n supporters, alongside Netgear and D-Link (and probably others)
but we haven’t seen any many products that can take full advantage of the increased
data transfer rates yet – more things like this would be good though.

Interestingly, business users heavily prefer mobile wireless
technology such as 3G cards. I assume that’s because they can happily pass on
those monumental data charges to some faceless corporation.

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