Freeview announces 'Freeview Playback'

Digital set-top boxes

Apparently we all know what Freeview is (a package of free channels on the digital terrestrial platform right). But not many of us are yet aware of digital TV recorders (or PVRs) which can be used for recording digital TV programmes on to a built-in hard drive. So Freeview, in conjunction with the Digital Television Group, is launching a new initiative called ‘Freeview Playback‘.

Expected to be on the market by September 2006, the Freeview Playback brand will be used on all digital terrestrial PVRs. It seems like a good idea, though maybe the name isn’t the best one they could have chosen. Personally I would have gone for Freeview Plus – after all everyone knows what Sky Plus is and really this is the terrestrial equivalent.

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  • Freeview Plus would be a better name, but im sure Sky might have a few issues with them using it.

  • Well they might. But I don’t think even Sky could claim copyright over the word ‘Plus’ could they?

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