Sharp and Currys to sell solar panels

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Feeling environmentally friendly and looking at all that lovely sunshine we’ve had recently? Then pop down to your local Currys store (providing you live in Croydon, Fulham or West Thurrock) and pick up a Sharp solar panel or nine.

Actually, you don’t need a whole lot of sunshine these days. New technological advances, plus Sharp’s knowledge of the British climate that dictates we don’t get more than 3 weeks of sunshine in any year, means that they’ll generate electricity from daylight (even our grey daylight).

Customers wanting to invest in solar panelling for their home can have a detailed in-store consultation, followed by a free home survey to ensure suitability.

Installation usually only takes a couple of days, with a small amount of equipment placed in the roof space. Apparently homeowners could cut their bills by around 50% if they install enough panels.

The panels aren’t cheap – around £1000 each I’ve read – but consumers might be able to get a grant from the Low Carbon Buildings Programme.

Andy Merrett
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